Hartmut Goette, VP Commercial Operations, Zinexts Life Science
Hartmut Goette, VP Commercial OperationsHigh-throughput methods are gaining prominence within the lifesciences industry, with next-generation sequencing and genome-wide association studies necessitating efficient molecular diagnostics solutions for researchers, developers and clinicians. The efficacy of these high-throughput methods is a testament to a biotechnology firm’s excellence within the genomics space. Zinexts Life Science stands tall as a leading biotechnology company designing, developing, and manufacturing a wide array of reliable high quality, user-friendly, and cost-effective molecular biology laboratory solutions for clinical diagnostics, life sciences, and research. With a cumulative experience of more than ten years within the industry, and more than 2000 instruments sold, the firm is one of the most promising providers in the field. “One of our core capabilities is to design and innovate reliable automation for DNA and RNA extraction from any biological sample,” remarks Hartmut Goette, VP of Commercial Operations at Zinexts Life Science.

Zinexts Life Science is one of the few biotechnology companies that can provide one-stop services from design, formulation development, trial mass production, global sales, and technical support to make molecular diagnostics/ testing faster and more accurate. These innovative strides led Zinexts to develop a comprehensive OEM/ODM service capability for R&D and manufacturing, including 3D CAD instrument modeling, manufacture of quality prototypes, and final products. Zinexts’ customers seek first-class ODM services such as advanced instrumentation and an all-in-one platform. The company’s services encompass everything from initial design to the software development required to run these instruments, link them, and obtain a smart solution built around them. What’s more, Zinexts offers a broad portfolio of extraction kits for all the various applications in applied testing, molecular research, and human molecular clinical diagnostics.

Zinexts Life Science: Transforming the Realm of Molecular Diagnostics and Testing

Alongside its proficiency as a molecular diagnostics solution provider, Zinexts shoulders a strong sense of public health and responsibility. The company provided Viral RNA extraction kits in the very beginning of the SARS-CoV-2

One of our core capabilities is to design and innovate reliable automation for DNA and RNA extraction from any biological sample

pandemic in 2020 and, in collaboration with the partners worldwide, set up COVID-19 testing labs in US, Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, the Middle East, as well as the very first testing facility on Christmas Island in Australia.

Currently the company features two distinct solutions for automated molecular diagnostics – MagPurix and ZiXpress – based proprietary proven magnetic-particle separation techniques for the rapid automated purification of DNA and RNA. Zinexts actually focuses on developing complete solutions for genomic and microbiome diagnostics, for preventive, diagnostic and monitoring applications.

For success in this field, Zinexts firmly believes that collaborations and partnerships help in myriad ways; they nurture novel and innovative ideas, foster complementary knowledge, and give rise to breakthroughs that would not be possible otherwise.

On one such occasion, a customer approached Zinexts with an extraction methodology for cell-free DNA testing that was particularly unique to their end customers. The client showcased its manual extraction solution to Zinexts in an engagement wherein the latter automated the extraction process by altering the kit’s composition and buffer volumes while also establishing the protocol for it to function on the automated platform. Zinexts modified the customer’s manual extraction kit for use on the MagPurix system and provided the client with sufficient throughput for downstream applications.

Such collaborations and Zinexts’ proven reliability in instrumentation automation alongside the premium quality of its extraction kits solutions make the company stand out in the market among other competitors. Zinexts aims to provide optimized cell-free DNA and microRNA extraction solutions for oncology testing and liquid biopsy applications in the genomics space very soon, followed by complete solutions for microbiome research and diagnostics.