Robin A. Bleier, RN, HCRM, LNC, Founder, and President of RB Health Services, inc. Healthcare & Risk Consultant, RB Health Partners, Inc.
Robin A. Bleier, RN, HCRM, LNC, Founder, and President of RB Health Services, inc. Healthcare & Risk ConsultantDrawing insights from over two decades of operation, RB Health Partners, Inc. is a womanowned firm that has evolved from its humble beginnings as a single-person business to a leading national postacute care consultancy firm. The firm's focus is to stay ahead of client needs and has uniquely positioned itself to provide a full interdisciplinary spectrum of services which include, but are not limited to, clinical, risk, regulatory, infection prevention & control, clinical reimbursement, analytics, social services, joint commission accreditation, health information management, ICD-10 coding, etc. In the past few years an additional focus included addressing pandemic support and the related pandemic-induced labor/work force issues, as well as supporting clients to align to changing regulations.

The firm employs a holistic customer-centric strategy with caring, compassionate, committed and competent consultation that focuses on inspiring and supporting professionals in the long-term/senior care space while recognizing the need for accountability. "We work to inspire, support, and remind health care personnel why they entered into this field, as well as the joy of taking care of others," says founder Robin A. Bleier who currently presides over the firm as the President and a working Healthcare and Risk Consultant.

The firm consists of an experienced consulting team that provides subject matter expertise in regulatory support, such as adhering to various long-term care standards, rules, guidelines, and regulations. Services range from proactive such as pre (mock) surveys for Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs) and Assisted Living Facilities (ALFs), as well as reactive regulatory, risk and related responses.

RB HEALTH PARTNERS, INC.: Helping Long-Term Care Organizations Improve Quality of Care and perational Outcomes

Having walked in the shoes of its clients, the firm understands that a one-size-fits-all strategy adds little to no value for clients with different gaps and needs.

As a result, the firm typically will first evaluate clients’ goals and then devise a unique strategy ideal to that particular client's organizational goals for client review and input. Afterward, the firm will analyze the efficacy of its services/practices to better understand whether the implemented strategy helped the client achieve their intended objective.

Going beyond regulatory consultation services, RB Health Partners, Inc. offers education & training as well as coaching & mentoring programs for newly-appointed leaders. This is particularly beneficial when regulatory compliance varies depending on licenses such as CMS, state regulating agencies, Joint Commission. "Our mentoring/training programs help client organizations to expand their abilities, capabilities, and desires," says Robin. The firm also provides emergency services to serve clients' needs during unfavorable circumstances and even offers interim services.

Behind every such successful client journey lies RB Health Partners, Inc.'employee-first' policy to facilitate a nurturing environment for its team members. As a result, its workforce is highly dedicated and emphasizes customercentricity in all their endeavors. “I am proud and grateful for our team. My goal is to work with each of our team members individually to support them in achieving their professional goals. As such, they are confident and comfortable in helping clients," says Robin.

I believe we succeed in our regulatory endeavors because we don't tell clients what to do. Instead, we show them how to do it

Powered by a diverse workforce, the firm has brought some of the most off- track facilities back into compliance and supports their sustainability. In essence, long-term care organizations need specialists like RB Health Partners, Inc. to help them align with the changing rules, standards, and regulations. "I believe we succeed in our consulting endeavors because we don't tell clients what to do. lnstead, we walk with them to guide them, and as they become stronger, we step back to allow their success to shine," concludes Robin.