Justin Kromelow, CEO & founder of OPOS, Opos
Justin Kromelow, CEO & founder of OPOSThe US has continued to struggle with the opioid crisis demonstrated by a significant increase in opioid overdoses and deaths during the COVID pandemic. It has been largely recognized that the origins of the opioid epidemic were based on pharmaceutical companies claims of low addiction and misuse potential for opioids that resulted in widespread prescribing during the 1990’s. Consequently, the US responded with a major shift in public policy at the state and federal levels with new and revised regulations for prescribing opioids and other controlled substances for use in pain management. As with all shifts in public policy, there are often unanticipated consequences and new concerns are created. The extensive regulatory compliance requirements, at both the Federal level and across all fifty states, have created a challenging environment for physicians and healthcare organizations. The well-intentioned opioid prescribing regulations and guidelines created an environment of increased regulatory complexity that became focused on physicians, who are increasingly accused of non-compliant opioid prescribing by their respective medical boards. The medical board accusations represent a threat to a physician’s medical license, their medical practices, and the patients in the communities they serve. OPOS, a San Mateo-based company, enables the medical community to navigate the complexities of ensuring opioid regulatory compliance. The company offers a holistic range of products and services, including OPOS Foresight™ OPOS telepain.MD™, and OPOS Insight™ to enable physicians delivery of best practice pain treatments to their patients. These offerings allow physicians, doctors, and organizations to manage opioid therapies complying with state medical board and CDC guidelines while creating new streams of revenue. OPOS has taken the typical costs associated with regulatory compliance and created a profit center for their customers.

Prior to delivering any products or services, OPOS performs a regulatory compliance risk analysis for its customers at no cost.

Opos: Assessing the Risks of non Compliance to Opioid Regulations

The company evaluates a substantial amount of clinical data related to opioid and controlled substance prescriptions.Following which, the team analyzes the data across compliance criteria to evaluate and quantify the risk for each criterion.

What differentiates OPOS’ solution is the historical perspective applied to a customer’s regulatory compliance strategy and risk mitigation plans. OPOS performs the compliance risk assessment considering several years of data and not simply the current scenario, which benefits physicians by showing them how the regulatory agencies and medical boards view their opioid and controlled substance prescribing compliance. Additionally, OPOS works with its clients to assess underlying clinical and administrative process to ensure comprehensive risk containment.

OPOS has helped many physicians that have received medical board accusations of non-compliance and non-adherence to opioid prescribing regulatory requirements as well as physicians looking for ways to reduce the cost and overhead of regulatory compliance. OPOS’ offerings enable both groups to successfully demonstrate regulatory compliance in a profitable manner, winning the confidence of clients. This unique approach taken by OPOS enables their clients to be able to offset large compliance costs, typically hundreds of thousands of dollars, with new revenue.

OPOS plans to productize its service for risk assessment into a standalone product for doctors, physicians, practices, and organizations to efficiently streamline their regulatory compliance program in a profitable manner

As OPOS traverses into the future, it plans to productize its service for risk assessment into a standalone product for physicians, practices, and organizations to streamline their regulatory compliance program efficiently. The standalone product will enable real-time regulatory monitoring, providing customers with information on issues related to prescribing opioids and controlled substances in compliance with the regulatory environment through a real-time dashboard. OPOS is also looking forward to introducing new digital therapeutics with an integrated regulatory compliance framework that will allow clients to assess practices, tools, and platforms from a regulatory perspective and be compliant; at the same time they are working to maximize clinical outcomes for patients.