Pam Williams, Director of Business Development & Project Management, Norlake
Pam Williams, Director of Business Development & Project ManagementClinical laboratories across the globe leverage cold storage and environmental rooms to store their cell samples and reagents, as well as to perform a variety of research experiments. Sample storage at specific temperatures allows labs to maintain sample integrity and viability and eliminate inaccurate results.
A longstanding challenge for many clinical labs is their inability to acquire customized equipment that can accommodate their specific application.With a 75-year track record of providing quality refrigeration equipment to the scientific and laboratory communities, Norlake has been addressing this challenge for thousands of customers across North America. It offers products that are ideal for many laboratory refrigeration and industrial applications.

The Scientific division of Norlake is a leader in designing and manufacturing customizable and turnkey commercial refrigeration products within the clinical lab space. Norlake Scientific is a preferred brand within the clinical lab space industry, and offers solutions for higher education lab testing facilities, blood plasma storage, pharmaceutical storage, and many other unique, customized applications.
"Norlake's dedicated scientific team of experts listens to each customer's requirements and creates a product and space that is conducive to their specific application.Our clients depend on Norlake to provide quality cold storage products on time. By engineering simple-to-install, reliable, and energy-efficient products and supporting them with industry-leading warranties, we resolve their concerns about protecting and preserving critical materials," says Pam Williams, Director of Business Development & Project Management, Norlake.

The company offers solutions for unique shape requirements, humidification needs, special lighting, tight temperature tolerances, and specific door requirements.

Norlake also provides custom engineered solutions to resolve customer challenges. An example of this is their patented Reverse Cycle Defrost solution, which greatly reduces coil defrost time providing greater efficiencies.

When evaporator coils are blocked due to ice build-up, they lose the ability to properly transfer heat. Temperatures in a refrigerated space can rise, leading to product loss. Norlake's patented Reverse Cycle Defrost function completely removes frost build-up on coils in a fraction of the time of traditional electric heater defrost systems. It also reduces energy use by up to 80 percent over conventional electric heaters.

Norlake: Quality Refrigeration Equipment For Scientific and Laboratory Communities

Providing Industry-Leading Warranties

Norlake Scientific provides two walk-in options, the Mini Room and the Customized Environmental Room. The Mini Room is a quick-ship option. It was recently redesigned to include the company's patented Reverse Cycle Defrost, control panel, optional chart recorder, and three-year parts and labor warranty. The customized environmental rooms offer options such as humidity controls and a wide range of temperatures, sizing, wall angle design, oversized door, glass door, and lighting.

"Environmental room performance is crucial to operators in the clinical lab space, and Norlake's extensive knowledge in refrigeration operations makes it easier for operators to discuss their needs. Customers come to Norlake with an idea, and our experienced design team can bring it to fruition," says Williams.

Environmental room performance is crucial to operators in the clinical lab space, and Norlake's extensive knowledge in refrigeration operations makes it easier for operators to discuss their needs. They come to Norlake with an idea, and our experienced design team can bring it to fruition

Norlake designs and builds refrigeration systems inhouse, unlike many competitors, that rely on purchasing from other refrigeration system manufacturers. It also takes a proactive approach to mitigating supply chain issues wherever possible. This has enabled Norlake to combat the impact of supply chain issues caused by the pandemic and consistently offer a dependable product to its clients.

With a proactive initiative, Norlake offers the shortest lead times in the industry, currently 8 - 12 weeks or better for customized products, and 4 weeks or better for newly redesigned Mini Rooms. It also provides industry-leading warranties on all its equipment while keeping installation and operational costs down.
  • Our clients depend on Norlake to provide quality cold storage products on time

"Customers appreciate the dedication and commitment to a positive experience from the Norlake team. We are currently boasting some of the best lead times in the industry, striving for "better," and ultimately, "excellence"," says Williams.

A Well-Known Brand Within the Industry

Norlake believes in evolving with the changing market and customer requirements. It expanded with a dedicated scientific division in 1982, increasing its products' insulation properties and energy savings by changing from fiberglass to polyurethane foam insulation.

In 1989, it became the first U.S. commercial refrigeration company to introduce an HCFC-blowing, Ozone Guard-22 polyurethane insulation. This reduced the ozone-depleting CFCs given off by refrigeration products. Upping its ante, it began using CFC-free foam in its polyurethane insulation in 1997, which ensured greater cost-savings for its customers.
Norlake continues to go above and beyond to listen to customers' challenges and build products to address them. This has allowed it to become a leader in designing and manufacturing quality refrigeration products, and one of the most respected names in the refrigeration industry.

Norlake will continue to promote a standard line of walk-in environmental rooms, coolers and freezers while evaluating its customers' evolving needs and remaining up to date with innovation and technological advancements, such as remote monitoring capabilities, detachable tablet interfaces on control panels and Reverse Cycle Defrost solutions.

SIDE PANEL: TESTIMONIALS Ortho Clinical Diagnostics – Char Costello, R&D Lab Operations Supervisor

“As a medical devices company, we need to be assured that our materials and samples are stored in the proper conditions. Norlake offered us the confidence that temperatures will be maintained consistently and reliably using energy-efficient refrigeration. The quality of the walk-in is evident as soon as you step into the unit. The professional support from the initial inquiry to post installation and the excellent warranty program instilled trust that Norlake will stand behind their product.”

Sema 4 – Alex Stein, Vice President, Project Delivery

“Given the importance of patient samples and the cost of reagents, we cannot afford our cold storage to fail. We've used Norlake on multiple projects and keep coming back to them as their cold storage units perform to specifications, and we've never experienced any downtime.

“ MDM Technical Sales – Dave Maloney, President

“Being a sales rep for Norlake over the past 30 years has provided MDM opportunities to grow in the life sciences, clinical laboratory, medical research, and higher education markets. Their ability to meet critical parameters and tolerances, required in today's market for cold storage, freezer, and warm rooms, gives MDM the advantage when discussing applications with end users, architects, and lab designers. The knowledge and experience developed over 75 years, along with excellent engineering and customer support, puts Norlake at the top of our line card regarding total sales, growth in our territory, and expansion into new markets. In addition, the name recognition and reputation Norlake carries helps MDM to expand the lines we sell and strengthens our presence in the life science market.”

JK Services – Jimmy Keenan, President (Certified Manufacturer Installer)

I have been installing Norlake Scientific rooms for well over 25 years. Their engineering support, overall design of refrigeration equipment, controls, and flexible panels configuration makes installations go smoothly on the job site. Should technical issues surface during installation, Norlake is quick to respond with solutions, sales support, parts, and engineering resources to correct the issues quickly with minimal impact on the customer’s schedule. As a field technician, I feel Norlake is on the leading edge of refrigeration design and controls.