Asalient aspect of biological research concerns collecting and preserving biological samples and materials for analysis. Since samples often degrade in the time between collection and analysis, it is imperative to have a storage system that maintains a constant temperature throughout the process, guaranteeing sample integrity. Pharmaceutical and biopharma companies must also adhere to regulations to ensure that the quality of their products remains consistent. MVE Biological Solutions is a pioneer and forerunner in the U.S. life sciences realm, transforming the country’s laboratory equipment arena. The company offers a range of reliable cryogenic freezers and aluminum dewars engineered to augment sample hold times.

“We empower businesses to future-proof their laboratories with our pioneering, high-efficiency cryogenic freezers that have been developed over decades with continuous improvement in designs,” says Buzz Bies, Senior Vice President & Chief Commercial Officer of MVE Biological Solutions.

MVE is the preferred brand for cryogenic equipment for cell and gene therapies, storing cord blood, bone marrow, stem cells, heart valves, and much more. The company’s innovative solutions deliver exceptional hold times at ultra-low temperatures, vital to preserving living tissues and vaccines. As the world’s largest manufacturer of liquid nitrogen freezers, MVE has developed the world’s only self-sustaining LN2 freezer that substantially reduces infrastructure costs, enabling companies to set it up anywhere in their facilities.

The MVE Fusion freezer is a revolutionary cryogenic freezer designed to provide enhanced sample security in challenging environments. Fusion functions as standalone equipment, not needing a continuous liquid nitrogen supply or connectivity with external sources, allowing it to be installed in remote locations, high elevation facilities, and isolated rooms.

Fusion is geared with MVE’s patented Qdrive cryo-cooler technology that ensures reliable cold storage, eliminating the potency of cross contamination and protecting the samples.

MVE Biological Solutions-A Cryoport Company (CYRX: NASDAQ): Trailblazing the Life Sciences Firmament with Self-sustaining Cryogenic Freezers

Fusion also offers seven to nine days of hold times without power, ergonomic lift over heights, and a capacity of up to 31,200 1.2/2ml vials without requiring constant LN2 supply. For additional security, the liquid nitrogen may be added to the Fusion similarly to a typical liquid nitrogen freezer. Another series of freezers that is transforming the U.S.’s life science firmament is MVE’s Vario series freezers.

MVE 1500 and 1800 Vario series cryogenic freezers are highly energy-efficient and ultra-low temperature storage systems that provide a consistent temperature profile even with the storage lid open. These freezers deliver such high levels of functionality with less than one percent of power consumption and nearly 70 percent overall operating cost savings, compared to traditional prevalent mechanical freezers. To mitigate the logistics-related nuances of sample analysis, MVE renders the broadest selection of shippers in the industry, saving its clients from the hassle of constantly managing shippers and enabling them to focus on critical operations.

We empower businesses to future-proof their laboratories with our pioneering, high-efficiency cryogenic freezers that have been developed over decades with continuous improvement in designs

MVE has introduced a ‘bend, don’t break’ technology that allows end-users to identify if substantial force has been applied to an LN2 dewar. Such functionalities showcase MVE’s dedication to its clients, ensuring they are provided with comprehensive and optimal solutions that best fit their requirements. With such customer-centric approaches, MVE has solidified its reputation in the industry, enabling pharmaceuticals and biopharmas to achieve their operational objectives. One such company is a biopharma brand that required large storage systems that could maintain a temperature of -80°C. The client utilized MVE’s Vario freezers to store biological samples, since standard mechanical freezers have a substantial temperature gradient, often leading to high amounts of heat ingression. The client could effortlessly control the temperature and store large items inside the freezers. Unequivocally impressed by their efficiency, the client purchased multiple freezers from MVE.

Such partnerships are a testament to the value MVE provides to its customers. Drawing from its eventful history in aluminum dewar manufacturing, MVE Biological Solutions–comprising a team of specialist engineers and PhDs–is bearing the torch in innovation in cryogenic freezers, transforming the global life sciences industry.