Seung Wook Oh, Chief Scientific Officer, MDIMUNE
Seung Wook Oh, Chief Scientific OfficerOur BioDrone platform will enable highly targeted drug delivery to specific lesions or abrasions and allow for treatment with minimum side effects and maximum efficacy of the drugs eventually,” reveals Seung Wook Oh, Chief Scientific Officer at MDimune and Chief Executive Officer at Biodrone Therapeutics.

The magnitude of what this means has sent shockwaves across the sector. After years of extensive research, development, blood, sweat, and toil, MDimune has created a cell-derived vesicle (CDV)-based delivery platform—BioDrone®—a unique drug delivery system capable of delivering diverse biomolecular drugs and other chemical substances used in therapeutic treatment more selectively to target cells. This novel approach has been tested in animal models and is expected to enter the clinical phase of development in a near future.

It all began with scientists exploring methods for obtaining exosomes or similar nanovesicles and studying the possibility of using the otherwise naturally occurring substance in therapeutics. Along the journey, a team of Korean biomedical scientists would make a significant breakthrough and open the gateways for further experiments to be conducted, and new therapeutic treatments to be discovered. Always intrigued by the value of nanovesicles in the biomedical field, Shingyu Bae - CEO, MDimune, South Korea, acquired the license of the higher yield exosome production technology. The idea was to design and build a mechanism to easily administer lab-altered Cell-Derived Vesicles (CDVs) and initiate a new era in how patients receive care.

Today the idea is coming to life

A significant advancement of MDimune is its proprietary extrusion process to grab cells and pass them through small filter membranes, converting them to nanosized vesicles appropriate for therapeutics development.

MDIMUNE: The Pioneer of Cell-Derived-Vesicle Therapeutics

In comparison to obtaining exosomes from cells in special culture that could take days, MDimune using the extrusion process can produce up to a hundred times more vesicles in an hour depending on the cell. Once a large number of vesicles are collected, the CDVs can be modified to add various drugs, including gene cargos such as RNAs, proteins or even DNAs, inside or on top of the vesicles. Additional manipulation also allows the CDVs to have a stronger bonding with their intended target cells or tissues, which offers tremendous benefits for targeted drug delivery.

Among several advantages of the BioDrone® technology is the expendability for application to many different disease areas. As the origins of various rare diseases can be traced back to the deficiency of a certain gene in patients, BioDrone® can act as a vehicle to directly deliver adequate quantities of the required gene into a patient’s tissue. From an oncology perspective, for instance, the drug delivery platform can be utilized to send RNA packages capable of regulating gene expression that can have a detrimental effect on the pathogenesis of certain tumors.

Another vital feature of the BioDrone® technology is its potential to accommodate many different drug modalities, including chemical and gene cargos. Furthermore, the BioDrone® platform can be applied to virtually any cell, which would lead to the generation of a broad repertoire of nanovesicles with unique therapeutic properties inherited from diverse mother cells. The firm’s platform can improve treatment measures and the drug’s safety by replacing synthetic, artificial, or viral delivery vehicles with, or by converting very problematic living cells into tiny and bio-friendly nanovesicles that would fit better for patients in many different cases.

Our BioDrone platform will enable highly targeted drug delivery to specific lesions or abrasions, allowing for treatment with minimum side effects and maximum efficacy of the drugs eventually

As pharmaceuticals and scientists, propelled by the COVID 19 pandemic, continue to try and improve Cell and Gene therapies, MDimune believes that its BioDrone® Technology can be the answer to research the viability of a cure in a safe and controlled environment.