Victoria Donovan, CEO and Founder, Clinically Media
Victoria Donovan, CEO and FounderClinically Media knows that effective and timely patient recruitment determines the success of a clinical trial. According to reports, nearly 80% of clinical trials fail to meet patient enrollment timelines, delaying the progression of clinical research into life-saving treatment options. The case was not different with Brickell Biotech, a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company that was developing a non-invasive treatment for axillary hyperhidrosis (excessive underarm sweating). Amidst the pandemic and site shutdowns, it became a real challenge for the biotech company to ensure timely patient enrollment. But unlike many of its peers, Brickell Biotech was able to successfully address the issue with the help of Clinically Media—a full-service agency specializing in patient recruitment and retention in clinical research.

Clinically Media developed a comprehensive central campaign to recruit and enroll two parallel U.S.-based Phase III trials with qualified adult and pediatric patients. The company was also able to create a cohesive brand, streamline lead generation, and lessen the burden on research sites through advanced IT support and customized solutions. As a result, Brickell Biotech successfully enrolled patients within the anticipated seven-month enrollment period.

We are a marketing and design agency with clinical expertise. This synergy of experiences uniquely positions us to elevate patient recruitment and retention to benefit everyone involved, from patients to sponsors

Clinically Media has helped several such biotech and pharmaceutical companies recruit the right patients. “We are a marketing and design agency with clinical expertise.

Clinically Media: Setting a new Standard in Patient Recruitment and Retention for Clinical Trials

We utilize this synergy of experiences to ensure the seamless execution of the patient recruitment process,” says Victoria Donovan, the CEO and Founder of Clinically Media.

Clinically Media works with patient advocacy groups to conduct comprehensive market research to recruit clinical study participants. Unlike other patient recruitment agencies, the company converses with patients, their associates, and physicians to understand the particular patient population and match participants to clinical sites. Clinically Media has even created an expansive, HIPAA-compliant patient database to streamline the process of targeting participants.

Clinically Media’s patient-centric recruitment campaigns help sponsors fill their trials on time and minimize the associated financial risk. The company’s personalized approach to patient recruitment pairs sponsor requirements with marketing, design, and analytics expertise. Clinically Media designs and builds study brands that attract audiences and drive them to the next stage of the clinical trial process. This includes web and logo design, photography, visual components, typeface selection, and deliberate patient-centric word choice. In addition, Clinically Media enables sponsors to stay connected with research sites by offering comprehensive coordinator training materials and round-the-clock support.

Its years of experience in the clinical trial space have proven to Clinically Media that it is impossible to conduct effective pharmaceutical research without heterogeneous patient participation. However, women, people of color, and LGBTQIA communities remain underrepresented in clinical research. To this end, Clinically Media ensures that clients always have racially, ethnically, and culturally diverse populations at the trial sites. Clinically Media also donates 1% of its profits to organizations and nonprofits working to improve healthcare diversity. Beyond this, the company conducts patient education campaigns to teach people about disease states and the potential of novel drugs. This plays a vital role in boosting confidence in clinical trials.
  • The aim is to make a positive impact through a synergy between the patients and sponsors by bringing in a rich database of patients valuable for healthcare

As a premier provider of creative, patient-centric recruitment and retention solutions and marketing services, Clinically Media is exploring new avenues of growth. The company is investing heavily in data collection, analytics, and other advanced technologies to streamline patient recruitment further. “The aim is to make a positive impact through a synergy between the patients and sponsors by bringing in a rich database of patients valuable for healthcare,” concludes Victoria.