Chris Masters, CEO, BIOVANTE
Chris Masters, CEOBefore the introduction of synthetic fertilizers, the soil yielded quality harvests year after year. Abundant in nutrients and natural fertilizers courtesy of invaluable soil microbes, soil health remained at optimal levels. All that changed as synthetic fertilizers arrived on the scene over one hundred years ago, bringing increased crop yields, along with undesirable side effects. The short-term gains in yield brought on by the chemicals simply falls short when compared to the fertilizer’s long-term adverse effects on soil health. That effect extends to the health of crops grown for human consumption. As a result, the collective health of humans is at risk.

In response to this growing risk, Biovante is working to reverse damage to soil to ensure quality crops and healthy future generations. "We bring a definite solution to address the global issue of declining soil health by rebuilding the soil's natural blueprint," says Chris Masters, CEO of Biovante. This biotech company brings a revolutionary approach to boosting farm production, using an eco-friendly manner of rejuvenating the soil with beneficial microbes. At a time of skyrocketing fertilizer prices, Biovante's microbial products can drive dual benefits of raising soil quality and profits improving farm productivity in a cost-effective way.

The company restores soil fertility through its innovative suite of biologically driven technologies for soil, seed, and crop treatment that reduces dependency on chemicals. Biovante's agricultural biotechnology leverages living microorganisms to rebuild the depleted microbial herds in soil layers, allowing soil with prolonged exposure to chemicals to return to a micronutrient balance. This results in long-term longevity, sustainability, and health regeneration for the soil, and a cascading effect on the overall harvest and food quality.


Biovante's biological products are formulated in consideration of the varied facets of the farming process. BioRed, a soil treatment product, contains an extremely diverse and well-balanced mix of soil quality-enhancing strains of the five microbe groups actinomycetes, algae, bacteria, fungi, and protozoa. The product, available in two varieties BioRed BC and BioRed IF restores soil balance and enables the growth of healthy crops. To protect planted seeds from soil-borne diseases and foster better germination rates, BioCore, Biovante's seed treatment product, uses talc, as well as microbes and nutrients. BioFlex, Biovante's seed and in-furrow inoculant, restores and even increases the beneficial fungi population in soils. The company's Invade 5G is a seed inoculant that introduces specific strains of nitrogen fixing bacteria, which enables plants to produce nitrogen throughout the growing season.

Aside from the biological products, what makes Biovante stand apart is the sheer diversity of its microbes. The multiple-strained microbes help rebuild soil to its natural blueprint, balance pH levels, increase organic matter, and provide nutrient-density.

BIOVANTE: Pioneers in Soil Health Restoration

Further amplifying their capabilities is the mixed-use of aerobic and anaerobic microbes that withstand the extremities of wet and dry soil environments, as well as its unique, sophisticated encapsulation process that extends microbe shelf life. The encapsulation allows the microbes to be taint-mixed with other products and shields them from the effects of synthetic fertilizer or insecticide residues in the soil. These distinct features have enabled Biovante to set crop yield records across the U.S. and North America. Likewise, its nearly 90-percent customer retention speaks volumes about the favor the company's products find with growers.

The products have a presence across 22 U.S. states and countries that include Canada, Mexico, Paraguay, Brazil, Columbia, South Africa, and Ethiopia, enabled by Biovante's collaborations with agricultural and independent retailers and its long standing presence in the agricultural biotechnology space. Its biological products bridge the trust gap between producers and consumers, who feel more confident in food choices, secure in the knowledge that growers are using chemical- and toxin-free soil enrichment products. The best part all Biovante products are easy to apply, which streamlines farm operations.


With a focus on building long-term, multi-generational relationships with growers, Biovante helps them document the improvement of their soil and crop health through anecdotal evidence and quantitative data. The company also develops easy-to-understand methods of spreading knowledge of soil health preservation and best farm practices among growers. All Biovante requires from them is a three-year commitment to using the company's soil treatment products to undo damage caused by synthetic fertilizers. By the third year, product effectiveness will be evident through enhanced crop yield and quality, accompanied by a marked improvement in soil health.

We Bring a Definite Solution to Address the Global Issue of Declining Soil Health by Rebuilding the Soil's Natural Blueprint

An Iowa-based grower witnessed the efficacies of Biovante's products firsthand when, eight years ago, he sought the company's help in increasing his farm’s crop productivity. To improve soil health, the company recommended using BioRed, BioFlex, and BioMate a sugar and bacteria-based liquid energy solution for a minimum of three years. Fast forward to the present; the products have not only increased soil fertility, tilth, and porosity but have led to an increase in earthworm activity that enriches the soil with its organic fertilizers. The cumulative outcome is better and bigger crop yields, more efficient irrigation, and a significant rise in profitability.


Driven to create more farming successes, Biovante is setting up soil, plant, and microbial activity testing sites in large-scale farms equipped with weather, soil, and crop monitoring equipment. The data from the equipment and its analysis results conducted fully in-house will be securely and confidentially stored in profiles created for each farm producer on the company's platform. Based on the analysis, Biovante will deliver enhanced and more comprehensive solutions customized for a diverse range of soil and crop types in North America, South America, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. Already, the company's products are creating waves in Africa, with locals appreciating the taste, quality, and quantity of the crops grown on BioRed-treated soil.

To substantially increase yields, Biovante is set to release its foliar biological product that will facilitate massive uptake of soil nutrients by plants. A few years down the line, the company plans to introduce a new line up of microbial products with insecticidal and fungicidal functions. To develop the products, Biovante will enhance its R&D capabilities by increasing its lab space and technological strength.

With eyes firmly fixed on the future, Biovante is at the forefront of a new era of sustainable soil treatment solutions for the upcoming generations. Coming full circle to the bygone era of farming with natural fertilizers, Biovante will continue to rebuild soil health through biological products, this time, spearheaded by cutting edge agricultural biotechnology