Ingrid Holmes, VP of Global Clinical Operations, Altasciences
Ingrid Holmes, VP of Global Clinical OperationsDespite the tremendous headway in drug development, commercializing a drug remains a complex and costly affair. Sponsors are bound by the constraints of going through multiple development stages. Adding to this are challenges around siloed teams and dependence on multiple vendors, MSAs as well as' instead of and invoices, resulting in inadequate communication and unnecessary delays.

This is where the drug development solution company Altasciences steps in, improving efficiency through a streamlined approach that accelerates drug development with a low risk of repeating studies, reduces operational costs, and simplifies the supply chain.

A trustworthy one-stop shop for sponsors, Altasciences provides a tailored approach to preclinical and clinical pharmacology studies, with a focus on early phase drug development. The company offers a comprehensive service portfolio that includes everything from discovery to preclinical to clinical, including bioanalysis, formulation and manufacturing. As a collaborative CRO/CDMO partner, it guides clients from the discovery phase through phases 1 and 2-B with informed, comprehensive and faster decision-making.

Altasciences’ services—which also include research support services, such as program management, medical writing, biostatistics, clinical monitoring, and data management—are customizable to meet sponsor requirements. The company utilizes a proprietary centralized scheduling system to coordinate all stages of a client’s program or study, across departments and sites at Altasciences, facilitating active timeline management and prompt responses. In addition, they hone the expertise to design, conduct and report on preclinical studies and all clinical trials" instead of this with speed and ease.

Altasciences enables a streamlined exchange of information for end-to-end early phase drug development programs, with up to 40 percent reduction in timelines and cost savings through their Proactive Drug Development solution. This approach anticipates the needs of the project and creates a customized roadmap from the get-go.

Altasciences: A One-Stop Solution for Accelerating Early Phase Drug Development

It is further' before supported by real-time data generation, central program management and scheduling, and a proprietary communication. A major part of Altasciences’ communication platform is the company’s internal database, Ask Albert, which collects and shares client-specific data, preferences, drug details, and results across internal teams. It houses critical information regarding sponsors and conducted studies, eliminating the need for clients to share this data at every stage of the process, supporting Altasciences’ Tell Us OnceTM commitment.

Altasciences also has a cross-functional project management team with dedicated project managers who ensure seamless communication among all stakeholders while enabling swift decision-making and reduced hand-offs. This team is flexible and makes sure projects are carried out according to clients’ specifications, maintaining the synergy between different phases.

Our company is uniquely established in the CRO and CDMO spaces with a keen focus on early phase drug development. With this niche focus, we support clients in making early decisions and ensure that we are providing the best granular support for the specific segment of their business

To further strengthen its capabilities, Altasciences has state-of-the-art, purpose-built bioanalytical laboratories in the U.S. and Canada that can support clients coast-to-coast. These labs have high-end equipment operated by skilled analysts, allowing them to process over 60,000 study samples monthly. They also have designated containment Level 2 areas for work with Risk Group 2 pathogens. The company’s bioanalytical labs help them make quick, informed dosing decisions based on protocol-driven and ad hoc bioanalytical and safety data. It also assists in moving through dose escalations at a rapid pace, allowing clients and medical teams to analyze pharmacokinetic and safety data efficiently.

“By offering fully integrated CRO/CDMO solutions, we simplify the overall outsourcing experience and mitigate risks for sponsors,” states Ingrid. “There aren’t many organizations that can successfully align these traditionally siloed activities, and make the client experience smoother,” explains Ingrid.

For example, Altasciences has the capability to conduct ongoing preclinical safety assessments while simultaneously planning the following stages of the clinical programs. This allows the company to secure clients’ necessary resources and site capacity to run seamless programs and initiate their first-in-human trial as soon as they receive regulatory approval. In doing so, Altasciences guarantees time sensitivity without increasing the risks for sponsors throughout the drug development cycle.

“In addition to our talented team of experts and their dedication to providing an outstanding experience to our clients, our differentiating factor is how we integrate all early phase drug development services, team, and sites, across Altasciences,” adds Ingrid.