Guillermo Pérez-SoleroMonzon(CEO) , ADNTRO
Guillermo Pérez-SoleroMonzon(CEO) The sheer velocity of progress being made in today’s genomics field is immeasurable. Each advancement can be credited to man’s desire to look inside (adntro in Spanish) of their human genome. While many professionals continue to deepen their DNA studies and research, ADNTRO stands out with its comprehensive domain expertise. Dedicated to understand the world inside, the Spain-based biotechnology company strives to study and educate about the uniqueness of their genetic code.

ADNTRO focuses on delivering consumer products and bioinformatics services for the B2C and B2B markets, respectively. Its acclaimed HomeKit, a simple-to-use yet powerful DNA kit, is built on the backbone of the Illumina GSA microarray to help the consumer gain deep insights into their genetic predispositions from just one saliva sample. Alternatively, customers that have already been genotyped with any of the genetic testing companies can upload their RAW DNA data to receive a 360 view of their genomic data, based on scientific publications, across a wide range of genomic areas, including but not limited to Ancestry, Nutrition, Fitness, Behaviour, pharmacogenomics and health predisposition towards complex diseases.

Regarding ADNTRO GENETICS B2B operations, it applies proprietary computer bioinformatic algorithms to leverage biomedical data effectively and categorizes its services under two legs: (1) diagnostics and (2) prevention. In the diagnostic area, it supports hospitals and private clinics in genetic data analyses from whole exomes and/or whole genomes from patients diagnosed with cancer. Patients undergo genetic screening to access pathogenic variants that drive the development of a particular cancer and biomarkers associated with the effectiveness of a specific treatment (Pharmacogenomics).

ADNTRO: A Look Inside DNA to Prevent Disease

ADNTRO also addresses the rather wide gap between wet and dry labs. While the former focuses on examining samples, the latter manages large amounts of genetic data. ADNTRO simplifies collaboration of the two by managing genetic data in bulk and filtering the pathogenic variants in a time-efficient manner. The outcomes of each screening process, following the international AMP guidelines for variant classification, provide insights into the evolution of a particular cancer. After refining the genetic data, it imparts useful information regarding clinical trials or treatments that positively influences patient personalized care delivery. This information is very useful for physicians and all medical professionals managing such patients.

ADNTRO provides a comprehensive polygenic risk score. It is becoming increasingly important owing to its ability to help prevent diseases rather than spend money on treatment

ADNTRO’s second B2B leg is focused in disease prevention by the application of genomic polygenic risk scores (PRS) which measure the genomic risk by the combination of several polymorphism with a specific effect size in more than one gene for a specific disease or trait.

The PRS has grown rapidly mainly due to the accuracy in their prediction and the application of new algorithms, which are more efficient. In that sense, ADNTRO is improving its algorithm in order to perform a better genome-disease prediction and to include more variables not previously associated. The genome-wide score is rapidly becoming popular in health systems across the world as an effective means of disease prevention. ADNTRO is also working toward publishing papers on its PRS that can be peer-reviewed by medical practitioners against varying sets from UK Biobank to analyze the accuracy and efficiency in predicting an individual’s genetic conditions.

Armed with such robust competencies and a great professional team from different fields (Bioinformaticians, Molecular Geneticists, Engineers, Mathematics, and many more), ADNTRO is spearheading genomic and bioinformatics research. Moving forward, the company intends to improve the capabilities of its PSR by developing more intelligent predictive algorithms. ADNTRO strongly advocates preventing diseases over curing them, enhancing their quality of life, and making its integration cost-effective for health systems. Its solutions reflect the same ethos in their functionality and offer the market a new, collaborative, and intelligent approach to DNA sequencing.