Matthew Haddad, CEO, Trilogene Seeds
Matthew Haddad, CEOIn the wake of widespread cannabis legalization across several parts of the globe, there has been significant attention from investors, manufacturers, and researchers on its safe use and quality, with a goal to industrialize its use and make the most of a potential multi-billion-dollar market. As a result, cannabis growers or farmers have become overly cautious about quality, rather than focusing on increasing yields. This is where Colorado-based Trilogene Seeds is stepping into the picture, freeing farmers of production-related concerns by unleashing the combined power of traditional breeding methods and genomic technologies.

Hemp farmers are now considering multiple factors before even planting their crop. They are seeking assurances that the hemp seeds they buy will yield as promised and if the crop will be able to resist field stress and adapt to a particular climate. Most importantly, they worry that their plants will “go hot,” crossing the crucial low-THC threshold (0.3 percent) approved by the federal government.

With a footprint in 29 countries across the globe, Trilogene Seeds is increasing the efficiency of a farmer’s growing operations by eliminating all these concerns. With its feminized hemp seeds and cutting-edge cultivars, the company offers farmers strains that adapt well to specific climates and photoperiods, with a boost from its specialized cultivation techniques.

“By leveraging cutting-edge genomic technologies, we are helping farmers effortlessly bring superior hemp products to market while meeting the rigorous regulatory standards set by governing entities,” says Matthew Haddad, CEO of Trilogene Seeds.

Trilogene Seeds: Expediting High-Quality Hemp Cultivation with Cutting-Edge Genomics

Hemp farmers risk losing their crop and live under the constant threat of criminal charges if their hemp crosses the FDA compliant THC levels. As a solution to this prevailing market challenge, Trilogene Seeds created Pandora, the world’s first THC null, high-CBD hemp cultivar. Using RNA interference (RNAi) technology, genetic pathways that produce THC in a cannabis plant are silenced, enabling the global hemp industry to cultivate crops without violating THC-limiting laws.

What truly adds a differentiating edge to Trilogene Seeds’ solutions is how they not only help farmers grow better crops, but also how they distribute them. In line with all the latest industry knowledge regarding in-demand hemp varietals and their current market demands, the company targets specific cannabinoids, compounds, and characteristics at the very first stage of a hemp plant’s life cycle. Based on these parameters, Trilogene Seeds recommends the ideal genetic profile to a particular farmer and helps them grow what buyers are waiting for, ensuring a seamless hemp supply chain. Take the case of a Colorado-based hemp farmer, who exports smokable flowers to Europe. He was unable to meet demand because his crops kept breaching the THC threshold approved in Europe. With his supply chain disrupted, he turned to Trilogene Seeds, and used its advanced CBG cultivar to overcome all compliance-related challenges, leading to a greatly-enhanced overseas distribution highway.
  • By leveraging cutting-edge genomic technologies, we are helping farmers effortlessly bring superior hemp products to market while meeting the rigorous regulatory standards set by governing entities

To date, the company has released more than 60 new genetic profiles throughout most of the U.S. Having steadily established itself as the largest cannabis seed company in the world, Trilogene Seeds is building on its success to endorse a broad scope of genetic development projects in the near future and devise novel techniques to assist the farmer in troubleshooting operations. “Trilogene Seeds is the right fit for any grower who wants expert assistance at each level of cannabis cultivation—from choosing a really productive seed to having constant support all the way to post-processing sales,” states Haddad.