Han-Chung Cheng, Founder, Taiwan Mitochondrion Applied Technology Co., Ltd. (Taimito)
Han-Chung Cheng, FounderAccording to hundreds of years of research, mitochondria provide cellular energy and orchestrate physiological functions, which are one of the key factors in the aging process. Mitochondrial dysfunction is closely associated with aging and degenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, Sarcopenia, Osteoarthritis, Heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease, and more. This is because impaired mitochondria are insufficient to supply energy, regulate cellular physiological function, and even induce cells to enter apoptosis or autophagy, leading to disease. Recently, scientists found that transplantation of healthy mitochondria can lead to the sustained restoration of mitochondria function in a damaged cell.

Currently, mitochondrial transplantation has been regarded as a new therapeutic technique for regenerative medicine. Not long ago, Harvard University and Boston Children’s Hospital have conducted clinical trials that have proven that mitochondria derived from skeletal muscle successfully restored certain heart functions in infants with congenital heart disease. However, the development of a robust mitochondria production protocol is a critical issue that needs to be addressed prior to any widespread clinical application of mitochondrial transplantation.

Since mitochondrial transfer by stem cells has been demonstrated to play a significant role in rescuing injured cells and tissues. Mitochondria transfer from mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) to damaged cells aroused great interest in the field of regenerative medicine. MSCs are an attractive source for mitochondria isolation due to their non- or low immunogenicity and ability to proliferate well in vitro.

As an emerging leader in the worldwide development of regenerative medicine on mitochondrial technology, Taimito has established a complete extraction, purification, preservation, and delivery process for mitochondria.

Taiwan Mitochondrion Applied Technology Co., Ltd. (Taimito) : Rebuilding Mitochondria to Rejuvenate the Powerhouse of Cells

The company provides new solutions for rejuvenation and disease treatment by Mitochondrial Reconstruction Technology (MRT) which is the most innovative technology and can directly rebuild the mitochondria function of the cell. “We believe that mitochondria are the key factor for rejuvenation and disease treatment, which is why we not only built the MRT platform but also provide high-quality mitochondria biologic products,” says Dr. Han-Chung Cheng, founder, Taimito.

Mitochondria biologics (Mitobio) based on MRT platform was shown to advance the cell energy metabolism by means of mitochondria reconstruction and replacement. To that end, the company’s Mitobio, an application in organelle-based regenerative medicine, is focused on developing mitochondrial biologics for lung injury, neurodegenerative diseases, and anti-aging. “We are the very first team in the world to develop mitochondrial biologics and big data analysis of bioenergetics health index,” says Dr. Cheng.

Mitobio is a stem cell-derived mitochondria isolated from Mitocell which are specialized stem cells. Mitocell are identified and characterized high-quality MSCs through mitochondrial function screening and mitochondrial enhancement techniques and found that the presence of high-quality mitochondria of stem cells has better therapeutic effects. In fact, Dr. Cheng highlights the instance of reduction in Parkinson’s disease symptoms such as tremor, muscle stiffness, trouble in movement after receiving mitochondria therapy, Mitobio. “We found Mitobio can quickly and effectively improve the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease,” says Dr. Cheng. In another example, a patient suffered a severe lung injury, and Taimito provided Mitocell with excellent mitochondrial function for a speedy recovery. Soon after the injection, the lungs began to recover gradually, and the patient was saved. “Our MRT platform, mitochondria biologics, and mitochondria-related cell therapy products can help clients overcome their challenges in the biotech area,” says Dr. Cheng.

Since 2014, Taimito has been focusing on the application and development of MRT platform. MRT platform is a unique technology platform in the world, backed by 17+ international patents. This platform has various strategies and applications for anti-aging. Taimito’s goal is to, with a laser focus on mitochondria-based value chain development, reduce high healthcare costs for various countries across Asia on a long-term basis.