Drug development is a time-consuming, complicated, and expensive process that is fraught with the risk of a drug’s negative effects such as unknown biological mechanisms and translational failures using animal models. Without adequate quality testing and inspection during a company’s drug development process, the chance of animal or human subjects facing unprecedented harm is a huge possibility. Authorities across the globe work to ensure that the essential quality standards are met, with the FDA and EMA leading the way. Life sciences organizations must have adequate testing and characteristic monitoring in place to supply life-saving medicines that fulfil all the regulatory criteria. Firms acquire testing and attribute checking results via other companies to streamline processes as it adds more strain on professionals who already face the demanding task of developing new drugs. Integrity and scientific rigour are vital for these companies to ensure an on-time and reliable assessment on which to make informed, data-driven decisions. In order to help organisations throughout the world overcome such challenges, Geneva-based Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS) is a leading testing, inspection, and certification (TIC) company that promises quality outcomes that are integral for the advancement of drug development and discovery.

With over 93,000 employees operating a network of 2,600 offices including several laboratories, and a rich history dating back to 1870, SGS has grown to become one of the world’s top TIC firms in the space. It has expanded through innovation, expertise, and a desire to make the world a better, safer, and more connected place. As a renowned industry pioneer, the organization’s bioanalytical team’s aggressive pursuit of assay development and validation for novel biomarkers has bolstered its reputation. SGS offers several approved tests, including cell- and immuno ligand-based assays, as well as potency assay testing methodologies.From early phase cell bank safety assessment and product characterization to later phase method development, bioanalysis, and final phase product release, the company delivers innovative biopharmaceutical testing, biosafety, bioanalytics, and product quality control solutions for every stage of a drug’s development.

SGS : Assuring High-Quality Drug Development

Our value to society is enabling a better, safer and more interconnected world

SGS has a comprehensive list of integrated solutions which ensure that a client’s projects, products, processes, and operations fulfil and outreach the market regulations and standards required. The list also includes exploratory development, testing, regulatory support, safety studies and clinical research, commercial QC, and post-market testing. The organization offers a wide range of reliable testing options for biologics and small molecules while helping a customer navigate their path to market. SGS develops comprehensive flexible and scalable services that provide expert insights through its global network of laboratories and clinical trial sites. On a local and worldwide level, SGS’s professionals lay out complex, customer-centric programmes that assist clients in meeting and exceeding the requirements and expectations of the industry. It presents pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, and medical device companies with best-in-class analytical testing and clinical research solutions that make sure that their products are of the highest quality. With a growing requirement to implement agile, scalable resourcing designs, SGS offers flexible sourcing models that allow clients to focus on their core strengths, enhance overall performances, and limit costs by utilising its external management and quality assurance skills.

As a trusted partner, SGS provides flexible business development solutions that best suit the needs of businesses and patients alike. The company takes pride in its highly skilled team of analysts that offer rapid, high-volume analyses using a range of innovative techniques. The company is dedicated to creating a better, safer, and more connected world for society. To that end, SGS is further aligning itself with major TIC megatrends and customer demands. SGS’s long-term objectives include protecting the environment, enhancing performance, and saving lives, all while keeping financial and non-financial aspirations in check.