Prof. Maria Rescigno, Founder and CSO, Postbiotica
Prof. Maria Rescigno, Founder and CSOThe human microbiota, which resides on or within human tissues and biofluids, plays a crucial role in our physical and mental health. Microbiota can modulate and preserve host immune response through the production of active molecules called postbiotics. But that’s not all! Not only does microbiota produce a multitude of biochemical compounds necessary to protect us against pathogens, but it also strengthens immunity, improves metabolism, and helps sustain our regular brain function, among other things.

A rising industrial and urban lifestyle is taking us away from the beneficial microbiota diversity. And this is causing a significant change in a person’s microbiota composition (dysbiosis), disrupting the delicate and symbiotic relationship between humans and microbes and leading to an increase in inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.

Enter Postbiotica

Postbiotica is an innovative biotechnological company that aims to address such events of dysbiosis. “We, at Postbiotica, research, develop and produce different postbiotics to modulate and reinstate the immune response otherwise mediated by microbiota,” says Prof. Maria Rescigno, founder and Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) of Postbiotica To facilitate this, Postbiotica has developed and industrialised an innovative fermentation technology, PBTech®.

Postbiotica: Strengthening the Human Microbiota

We, at Postbiotica, research, develop and produce different postbiotics to modulate and reinstate the immune response otherwise mediated by microbiota.

This technology makes it possible to derive an array of postbiotics from selected microbial strains, not containing living or inanimate cells or any fragment of them.“Our proprietary technology even allows us to develop different postbiotic products from the same strain of bacteria,” adds Maria. “By changing different elements of the PBTech process, we can control the type of postbiotics we produce and tailor them to serve different purposes, like activating the immune system.”

“Our motto is ‘from nature the future of healthcare.’ We generate natural products derived from the fermentation of microbes that are normally present in our body,” underscores Maria. What’s more? Since the PBTech technology does not rely on food fermentation, the final postbiotics no longer strictly follow the oral administration route. Rather, these compounds can be even administered through mucosal or ocular surfaces as well in a totally safe manner. This unique feature further expands the application of postbiotics developed by Postbiotica.

Drawing on these extensive capabilities, right now, Postbiotica is playing a key role in the development of new preventive and therapeutic treatments. The company is currently offering its PBTech postbiotics to some of the leading companies. Simultaneously, Postbiotica is also planning on bringing postbiotic products directly to the end consumers. “We have several projects in our pipeline, including eyedrop formulation for conjunctivitis, ‘functional’ skincare, gastroenterology and supportive care in cancer patients,” highlights Maria. “Exploring through these fields of intervention, we believe we have a promising future ahead of us,” says Maria. That being said, Maria also mentions, Holding S1, Private Equity beat all others on time in 2021 with a significant round of investments, is among the most convinced of the great further development of Postbiotica