Xuan Liu, Senior VP and General Manager, OriGene Technologies
Xuan Liu, Senior VP and General ManagerThe inner workings of a single cell within the human body are extremely complex, and the sciences that study them aremore intricate. After the completion of the Human Genome Project (HGP) in 2003, medical communities everywhere were empowered with a slew of new information pertaining to the genetic contents within human chromosomes, marking the end of a 13 year-longinternational collaborative research. With this new knowledge, biotechnology companies and clinical professionals across the globe began sequencing the human genome to not only uncover the mysteries ofthe invisible but also create a disease-free future for everybody. However, accessing the right research tools and genomic solutions to achieve desirable laboratory results can become a difficult task for various reasons, which primarily revolve around cost and the unavailability of necessary resources. The fact that researchers are required to study thousands of genes within human DNA to obtain a specific outcome also sheds light on the complexities of gene sequencing processes. In order to help players in the field improve their research capabilities and drive innovation, Maryland-based OriGene Technologies offers the most comprehensive suite of genomic solutions that include a vast collection of full-length human complementary DNA (cDNA) clones in a standard expression vector for commercial purposes.

Founded in 1996, just around the time the HGP was making headway in its human genome sequencing, OriGene foresaw the kind of challenges professionals in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and clinical research space would face. The company thus developed high-throughput tools and provided the market with cDNA clones and custom cloning services to express, observe, and perturb specific phenotypes.

“Our mission is to provide comprehensive cDNA clones for every change in a human being,” states Xuan Liu, senior VP and general manager at OriGene Technologies.

OriGene Technologies: Seamless Mapping of Complete Biological Pathways

Understanding and having a gene to work on is one thing; but people ultimately want to see proteins

And these offerings also consist of experimental models that include TrueORF (open reading frame)clones for human, rat, and mouse genes. Clients can confidently conduct their experiments through a relatively simple process of cut and paste, where the clones can be placed into a wide choice of destination vectors.

OriGene, with its many years of genomic experience, recognised a change in the requirements of the medical community and worked towards addressing it.

“Understanding and having a gene to work on is one thing; but people ultimately want to see proteins,” says Xuan. Consequently, the company created individual, purified human proteins. These can be expressed in cells to help recombinant proteins perfectly resemble native human cells, which then can be utilised in functional studies. “We are trying to imitate naturewith our cloning capabilities,” adds the senior VP.

A key area in the company’s portfolio of ready-to-use and upstream genomic solutions revolves around antibodies. Antibodies can be used to detect protein expressions: monitor where, how much, and at what time each expression occurs. What makes OriGene’s antibody unique is its use of antigens. Most solution providers in the market use peptides or a substance with shorter protein sequences to immunise the subject. However, according to Xuan, her team took the challenging route and directly purified proteins from human cells and used them as immunogens. And choosing the difficult path bore more fruit for OriGene and its clients because the epitopes created in this process are not linear; they can help antibiotics recognise them much faster—in multiple places—as 3D epitopes. Using the enzyme-linked immunoassay (ELISA) test, clients can screen and create assays to that target specific antibodies with more precision and accuracy.

With such broad knowledge of genetics, OriGene Technologies is ahead of the curve in today’s molecular biology innovation. Its portfolio of solutions and services is incredibly vast and offers researchers no room for doubt when planning their studies and assays. The company’s reagents additionally help clients leverage the power of several CRISPR and Cas9gene editing applications seamlessly. With the assistance of OriGene Technologies’ solutions, the world is gearing up to witness a truly revolutionary change in its approach to genetic research and discovery.