When companies that deal with pharmacology, toxicology, and other drug development projects like bioavailability begin a new study, ensuring the most favourable results is incredibly important. Competition in today’s globalised world is extremely cut-throat. Considering the speed at which biopharmaceutical enterprises adopt new technologies to meet their organisational goals, gaining a competitive edge is vital. Moreover, improving the efficacies of drug development practices translates to a better quality of life for people worldwide. Delivering the most promising and safe medicines quickly is the need of the hour. Steps like conducting comprehensive preclinical bioanalysis and consolidating all the relevant data with superior precision at every stage of the production process can help companies achieve desirable outcomes. However, managing such large amounts of information in a study or clinical trial can get extremely difficult, and an expert like a contract research organisation (CRO) may be required, which is not always easy or cost-effective to find. Fortunately for players throughout the European region, MS-Omics promises to unlock a company’s researching potential through the power of metabolomics.

Founded in 2014, MS-Omics specialises in analytical chemistry and advanced data handling and leverages this expertise to help customers gain deeper, more actionable insights into the intricacies of their studies. The company, for the first four years of its existence, was established as an independent entity at the University of Copenhagen, working closely with the Research Center for Advanced Analytical Chemistry (RAACE), Prof. Jan H. Christensen, and the chemometrics group of Prof. Rasmus Bro (Quality and Technology in the department of Food Science). “In 2018, we grew out of these premises and moved to Vedbæk north of Copenhagen, where we set up new laboratories and increased our capacity,” expresses Morten Danielsen, board member of MS-Omics.

Today, the company provides best-in-class metabolomics and data analysis services that meet and exceed an organisation’s analysis needs, regardless of the size of the study. MS-Omics’ offerings are designed to maximise the results of a client’s project with a unique approach that entails thorough planning, pre-processing, analysis, report, and results and support.

MS-Omics : Seamlessly Streamlining Bioanalysis in Medical Studies

Under these services, a client can expect MS-Omics’ support in selecting the best experimental design and sampling protocols, on-site or off-site pre-processing after every experiment, analysis and data processing, followed by a comprehensive report that illustrates how each sample was processed with other valuable data sets. Finally, the company empowers its clients with 24/7 customer support with an incredibly approachable attitude towards every organisation.

Our services can enhance biomarker discovery, development of diagnostics, process and yield optimisation, mode-of-action studies, characterisation of microorganisms, and many more aspects of a study 

MS-Omics’ metabolomics, moreover, has a broad scope of application with different study types. Danielsen strongly believes that the company proffers a powerful technique to best measure metabolites in any biological sample. “Our services can enhance biomarker discovery, development of diagnostics, process and yield optimisation, mode-of-action studies, characterisation of microorganisms, and many more aspects of a study,” he says. The company streamlines the metabolite measurement of cell tissue, faeces, blood, and urine. This is followed by an extensive clinical analysis of various biological sample types, including saliva and plasma. MS-Opics further supports the bioanalysis process with its unique techniques for sample preparation and extracellular and intracellular metabolites, biological fluids and their relation with nutrition, and animal samples.

With such extensive bioanalysis services to support companies in the space, MS-Opics is a leading player in the fast-growing pharmacological arena of 2021. Moving forward, the organisation intends to continue its research and development to improve its current offerings while driving value for its clients with newer, more efficient practices to achieve the best results from any clinical study. With MS-Opics, the world is set to witness a much faster drug development lifecycle, which bodes extremely well for patients across the globe.