Henry Gazay, CEO, Medimix International
Henry Gazay, CEOWith healthcare shifting focus from volume to value-based care, real-world evidence (RWE) is playing a critical role for drug development companies to gain a more holistic view of their drug’s performance. Combining its power with clinical trial reports, RWE is aiding pharmaceutical firms to paint a detailed picture of the patient experience. However, analyzing real-world data for biomedical insights means dealing with tremendous scale and complexity, as well as potential privacy concerns. This calls for a robust solution that can gather and synthesize evidence-based information to offer valuable insights that help pharmaceutical, diagnostic, and medical device companies make the best business decisions.

Enter, Medimix International’s cloud-based platform, LiveTracker™. The real-time drug performance monitoring solution helps pharmaceutical firms to get a better understanding of the effectiveness of their drugs by observing and reporting on a patient journey, physicians’ preference on a particular drug, awareness of the medicine in the market, and other key aspects. Henry Gazay, CEO of Medimix International, says, “Whether you launch innovative drugs, revolutionary medical devices, or leverage the latest advancements in biotechnology, our mission is to provide evidence-based strategic insights to help you come up with the most effective decisions to develop a more efficacious and cost-efficient drug.”

Medimix International: Offering Real-Time Insights on Drug Performance

Using this single source of information that is updated on a monthly basis, pharma companies seamlessly compare the usage and efficiency of their drugs across multiple regions

Physicians and healthcare professionals from around the world compile and report information from their electronic medical records, including patient profile, tests performed, and lines of treatment to the LiveTracker™ platform. This real-time data is then stratified by LiveTracker™ based on the specialty, geography, mode of practice, and the number of patients treated and presented via an online dashboard with multiple levels of access. “Using this single source of information that is updated on a monthly basis, pharma companies seamlessly compare the usage and efficiency of their drugs across multiple regions,” informs Gazay.

Today, several pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, and medical device organisations in the oncology and hematology sectors have benefitted immensely by utilizing the accurate and reliable RWE provided by LiveTracker™ on treatment outcomes, patient profiles, and market structure.
Highlighting this aspect, Gazay shares a success story of a leading oncology-focused pharma company that has several subsidiaries worldwide. The client was on a quest for an effective solution that offered a unified view of the performance of their drugs across different geographies. With LiveTracker™, the client is now able to track the position of their drugs, locally as well as globally. “Our solution also provides them with features that allows for aggregation of the drug data at the global, regional or country levels,” states Gazay.

These capabilities of LiveTracker™ have earned Medimix International a warm pat from various pharmaceutical and drug development companies. To further expand LiveTracker’s competency across other therapeutic fields, Medimix International has recently joined hands with the Pharmaceutical Product Development (PPD) group’s business unit Evidera, a leading provider of evidence-based solutions. “This acquisition will help us better support our existing clients and expand our customer base with extended resources and expanded geographic footprint,” mentions Gazay.

At the same time, Medimix International is also developing new solutions for other stakeholders in the pharma sector. “Our aim is to bridge the gap between real-world data used for commercial and research purposes and offer a wide range of innovative solutions that push the pharmaceutical industry forward,” wraps up Gazay.