Michael Ero, Founder and CEO, Machaon Diagnostics
Michael Ero, Founder and CEOFounded in 2003, Machaon Diagnostics specializes in the diagnosis and monitoring of coagulation, platelet, rare disease, and genetics. Operating as a clinical reference laboratory, the company has grown into a team of clinicians, scientists, consultants, and technologists that bring more than 400 years of combined expertise to the field of laboratory medicine. So what’s the reason behind Machaon Diagnostics’ defined vision to deliver customizable reference lab testing to the healthcare and bioscience industries? Michael Ero, the founder and CEO at Machaon Diagnostics, answers, “It is our ability to provide high-quality custom testing with unmatched speed.”

Ero further mentions that Machaon Diagnostics employs a NexGen sequencing technique allowing for the rapid detection (<48 hours) of over 150 known or suspected mutations, deletions, and polymorphisms previously reported as associated with aHUS, which is a life-threatening, progressive, and genetic disease. “We believe the ability to confirm aHUS through our aHUS Genetic Panel significantly impacts how this disease is treated and has far-reaching implications. This is a game-changer. There are going to be tangible and positive impacts for these patients in hospitals, university medical centers, and transplant centers both in the United States and beyond,” says Mr. Ero. “This kind of turnaround time is unheard of and sets the bar very high.” Further, Machaon Diagnostics’ esoteric and additional routine testing menu applies to a wide variety of disorders and clinical situations.

Machaon Diagnostics : Providing Academic Testing at the Speed of Industry

Machaon Diagnostics’ scientists and physicians have pioneered multiple disruptive laboratory techniques and processes that have revolutionized the management and characterization of life-threatening diseases. No wonder, the company has been the contract laboratory or primary contract research organization (CRO) for over 250 clinical trials and studies. Machaon Diagnostics today serves a plethora of clients, including Fortune 500 pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms and large academic medical centers, multinational CROs, and national/international reference laboratories globally.

Machaon Diagnostics provides a rapid and complete solution for companies in need of clinical trial services, contract research, and independent marketing claim validation. It has been performing studies on pharmaceuticals and medical devices since its inception. Design, subject recruitment, sample collection/ storage, testing, statistical analysis, study reporting, and manuscript preparation are all included in Machaon Diagnostics’ comprehensive service. The company has an extensive database of well-characterized study volunteers that allows it to complete some IRB-approved clinical trials in as little as five weeks. The subject database includes normal adults, rare diseases, elevated risk of cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome, and other populations.

Being one of the largest independent specialized coagulation labs in the U.S., Machaon Diagnostics is staffed by MDs, PhDs, licensed clinical laboratory scientists (CLSs), and medical technologists. The company’s staff exhibit expertise in designing unique testing systems or applying the proper testing system to answer the clinical trial questions accurately—and that too in a timeefficient manner.

In a nutshell, what started as a collaboration of four laboratory scientists, Machaon Diagnostics today has the vision to deliver customizable reference lab testing to the healthcare and bioscience industries. “Our primary goal is to provide academic testing at the speed of industry and we will continue to do for the years to come,” concludes Mr. Ero.