Chris Gilmor, Director, Business Development– Packaging Services, Jones Healthcare Group
Chris Gilmor, Director, Business Development– Packaging ServicesOver a century ago, Jones Healthcare Group focused on developing apothecary packaging to help pharmacists safely dispense medications to patients. Led by the fourth generation of the Jones family today and with a rich history of innovation and development, Jones provides advanced packaging and medication dispensing solutions that respond to evolving market needs and help its customers put consumer wellness first.

Advanced Packaging and Medication Dispensing Solutions

Jones offers a complete suite of turnkey packaging solutions with multiple integrated services. This includes bottling, blistering, pouching and convenience vial filling along with secondary packaging, kitting and serializations solutions. The company also provides folding cartons and pressure-sensitive labels, and a range of medication adherence and prescription packaging products. They serve a diverse clientele base, including drug and healthcare product developers, medical device manufacturers, personal care, wellness and nutraceutical products providers, licensed cannabis producers, COVID-19 test kit manufacturers and pharmacies. From project management to vendor-managed inventory, the company offers comprehensive services to exceed client requirements and ensure supply continuity.

Understanding pharmaceutical companies are constantly realigning their product portfolios and focusing on their high-value activities such as research and development, Jones also enables brands to confidently outsource secondary elements like finished goods packaging. Explaining this further, Chris Gilmor, Director of Business Development for the company’s Packaging Services business unit, says, “We handle a wide range of packaging projects from small and infrequent to regularly occurring large commercial packaging runs. When clients have products to release to the market quarterly, it may be ideal for a third party to take that on and improve the client’s overall production and packaging efficiency. Furthermore, we can receive clients’ bulk product and allocate to different packaging formats, providing agility and improved flexibility to meet changes in market demand.

A Premier Brand in the Canadian Healthcare Ecosystem

Several factors make Jones a popular name in the Canadian healthcare industry, including its expertise, agility and flexibility. Cameron Bramwell, Vice President of Sales & Marketing of the company’s Cartons & Labels business unit, adds, “We have a deep understanding of the challenges facing our customers through our long-standing history in healthcare, and our agile operations mean we can also quickly respond to those problems with progressive packaging solutions.”Utilizing its years of knowledge and experience across different healthcare sectors, the Jones team brings a sense of urgency to customer requests. Adding to this, Cameron says, “We recognize disruption to the client’s production is catastrophic.

Jones Healthcare Group: A Century Of Healthcare Innovation and Services

Cameron Bramwell, Vice President, Sales & Marketing – Cartons & Labels
We do everything we can to ensure that does not happen.”

Customer-Centric Approach Offering Personalized Solutions

Jones also offers its clients an experience tailored to their unique needs in addition to its high-quality products and services, the reason why they remain loyal. The company first analyzes its customers’ needs and goals, develops a comprehensive path, defines appropriate metrics, and then makes recommendations for packaging. “Each customer may have different requirements for structural rigidity, shelf presence, sustainability, or regulatory compliance. We go through an exercise of working with clients to innovate and find an optimal solution to minimize risks and maximize opportunities – this is key to our customer-centric approach,” adds Cameron. Not only does Jones have in-house structural design engineering and graphic design teams to prepare mock-up samples for different client requests, but as an independent converter, the company also offers enhanced flexibility to its customers to select desired materials from a wide range of suppliers. The company’s diverse network also contributes to supply assurance, which means fewer operational interruptions and higher customer satisfaction, as well as time and cost savings for all parties.

We have a deep understanding of the challenges facing our customers through our long-standing history in healthcare, and our agile operations mean we can also quickly respond to those problems with progressive packaging solutions

Packaging the Future of Healthcare

With a focus on ongoing innovation and development, the company has remained at the forefront of the d through its CpaX™ NFC Connected Packaging offering, which leverages the Internet of Things (IoT) via NFC and RFID tags embedded inside packages. This technology enables patients and consumers to access product information on their cellphones, such as directions to use and store the medication or information related to dosage regimes. In addition, Jones’ clients can use connected packaging to learn when, how, and where their customers interact with their products. This technology aligns with the future of healthcare, which will see care delivery continue to become more comprehensive, personalized, digital and patient-focused.

As the global focus on sustainability also continues to grow, being aware of one’s impact on the environment has become necessary. Jones understands this well with a commitment to continuously improving sustainability across all its products and services while contributing to several Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations, such as Good Health and Well-Being and Responsible Consumption and Production.

Overall, Jones is going beyond expectations to offer excellent operational efficiency and organizational agility to its clients. With its innovative packaging technologies and focus on consumer wellness and sustainable development, Jones Healthcare Group is well-positioned as a growing leader in the global healthcare ecosystem.