Dr. Steve Cutler, ICON
Dr. Steve Cutler, CEOWith the ever-increasing research and development operations for the pharmaceutical industries, the cost and time of bringing a drug to market have been increasing significantly. However, as clinical trials require a host of complex activities, including protocol design, clinical development, commercialisation and so on, pharmaceutical companies need a partner that can help bring new drugs or devices to the market faster, more efficiently, and at a lower cost.

To this end, pharmaceutical companies are increasingly outsourcing critical functions to the contract research organisations (CROs) that play a crucial role in all aspects of the drug or device development process, from initial discovery to launch of drugs and treatment.

This is where Dublin-based ICON comes to the picture with a full range of consulting, development and commercialisation services that enable pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and government and public health organisations to accelerate the development of drugs and devices. The company develops integrated technologies to significantly enhance the efficiency and productivity of its clients’ drug and device development programs, providing true transparency across all areas of a study.

Icon’s information hub, ICONIK analyses the operational, clinical, and real-world data collected during clinical development that enhances the design and delivery of projects and strengthens engagement with investigators and patients. The platform has four modules—Design, Delivery, Engagement, and Commercialisation—that provides end-to-end support to clients in their clinical trial journey. The first module ICONIK Design accesses clinical and real-world data to enhance protocol design, profile/ match patients to trials, and develop models to assess the impact on timing and cost.

ICON : Delivering End-to-End Clinical Trial Support

The second module of the ICON’s information hub, ICONIK delivery Collects real-time data during the trial process enabling better decision making and the successful implementation of clinical trial strategies that significantly improve efficiency in clinical trials.

Moreover, the third module, ICONIK Engagement, uses data and evidence-based research to develop solutions that effectively engage investigators and patients to improve patient recruitment and retention. And finally, ICONIK Commercialisation leverages real-world data analysis from multiple sources to enable deeper insights into the safety and value of new treatments. This enables commercialisation strategies and provides effective engagement plans for payers, prescribers, and regulators.

Icon also delivers a patient engagement platform to connect patients with the right trail at the right location. It features an easy to navigate, user-friendly website enabling patients to explore new and ongoing studies available, opt-in and connect with their nearest clinical research site.

The company develops integrated technologies to significantly enhance the efficiency and productivity of its clients’ drug and device development programs, providing true transparency across all areas of a study

Additionally, One Search an intuitive, integrated workflow and interrogation tool from ICON, enables access to multiple data sources and provides the visualisation and tools necessary for optimum site identification based on ICON and industry data of capability, experience and performance. More importantly, ICON’s Firecrest solution provides clients with tools for seamless online training, help them to efficiently tackle the challenges of site engagement with the onset of Covid 19.

Established in 1990 with five people, ICON now employs almost 38000 people across 151 locations in 46 countries. The company has achieved such tremendous growth through many strategic acquisitions, which have broadened its service portfolio and added scale to existing services. This helped the company be recognised as one of the world’s leading contract research organisations through many high-profile industry awards. In the future, ICON plans to add more services and solutions in its already robust offering to help its clients conduct timely and cost-effective clinical trials.