Ray Glemser, Founder, Glemser
Ray Glemser, FounderFor a company that has been at the forefront of leveraging cutting edge of technology and delivering competent client service, Glemser’s story started back in 1987. The company started under the Pennsylvania Ben Franklin program based on a joint study between IBM Watson Research and Lehigh University to develop 3D graphical software services for high-tech manufacturing applications. In the next years, Glemser pivoted to professional services to configure, validate, and support on-premise document control, manufacturing execution, and quality software, and also formed Content Practice to implement enterprise document management repositories and automated workflows. Based on practical business process experience, software expertise and regulatory knowledge, Glemser next embedded intellectual property into a compliance software framework called xmLabeling to manage complex product labels in compliance with FDA and European Medicines Agency (EMA) regulations.

Today, Glemser offers a suite of fully customizable content and quality management solutions and services designed to exceed the most exacting regulatory and quality compliance standards. “We develop industry-leading IT solutions and services that are essential for global life sciences clients, solving their most pressing challenges in quality, compliance and efficiency,” says Ray Glemser, the Founder of Glemser. Since 1987, the company has played a critical role in developing industry-leading IT solutions and services that are essential for life science companies throughout North America and Europe to solve their most pressing challenges in quality, compliance and efficiency.

Glemser: Quality. Compliance. Efficiency.

In doing so, Glemser allows companies to better develop and commercialize medications for improved patient outcomes.

As a company, Glemser has three main pillar: quality, content and process. On the quality side, the company analyzes through listening, innovates through ideas and implements through technology. It works in tandem, through co-sourcing agreements, with clients on quality engagements. When it comes to content Glemser offers its ComplianceAuthor product which has two main components: a Document Management System (DMS) and an XML authoring system. While the DMS component manages document translations, relationships, version control, lifecycles, review and approval workflows, system notifications, tracking and reporting, audit trail, security, etc, the XML authoring system integrates with Arbortext Epic Editor and Quark XML Author which enables the user to author regulated content in a generic XML format.

Lastly, Glemser follows three important steps in creating processes: analyze, create and implement. First, the company analyzes the clients’ artifact(s) or existing process(es) and presents observations for improvement. Second, following its in-house process, Glemser begins to create new process. It must focus on reliable, clear processes, compliance to internal and external requirements, and most importantly, it needs to produce the same quality product/outcome each time. The third and last step of Glemser’s process is the implementation of the new process. This could mean new software, new step-by-step instructions, or whatever it is that the company needs.

Having carved a unique niche, Glemser recently announced the launch of ComplianceAuthor for Global Labeling, an industry-leading solution powered by DocuSign, Arria and Docxonomy. This solution offers process improvement and world-wide synchronization. Improved label coordination results in enhanced patient safety. Speed-to-market and reduced costs are benefits of ComplianceAuthor. By partnering with DocuSign, Arria and Docxonomy, Glemser has created a SaaS (Software as a Service) combining the latest advances in machine-learning, artificial intelligence and compliance. Leveraging its ComplianceAuthor for Global Labeling solution will help companies save tens of millions of dollars. DocuSign’s Agreement Cloud provides secure versioning, workflow and Part 11 compliance. Arria’s Natural Language Generation enhances the patient experience by improving label coordination. Docxonomy is known for their industry-wide search engine, artificial intelligence model and vector verification. Glemser integrates these technologies into a seamless system that solves global labeling problems.