Dr. Josef Scheiber, Founder & Managing Director, BioVariance
Dr. Josef Scheiber, Founder & Managing DirectorEvery individual reacts to drugs differently. A medicine that proves to be beneficial to a patient may not be fruitful to other patients diagnosed with the same disease. Innovators are leveraging new-age technologies to refine drug development and pharmaceutical care in an effort to overcome the challenges in medical treatment. Leading the charge is BioVariance, a genetic data analysis firm that offers next-generation solutions to individualize medicines and therapeutic procedures. BioVariance analyzes biomarkers and pathological changes within an individual or an organism by leveraging mathematical models and complex algorithms to help pharmaceutical clients, physicians and patients arrive at the most suitable therapeutic procedure or drug for patients. “We support the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology sectors by combining individual treatment recommendations with monitoring capabilities. The outcome: reduced patient visits to the hospital,” says Dr. Josef Scheiber founder and managing director at BioVariance.

BioVariance employs medical and multi-omics data analysis to study biomarkers and comparatively deduce the optimal diagnostics and treatment needed for each medical condition. Leveraging machine learning algorithms, the company detects the onset of diseases at the molecular level.

BioVariance: Individualized Treatment through Machine Learning

We support the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology sectors by combining individual treatment recommendations with monitoring capabilities

BioVariance has built mathematical models that are trained with the data sets obtained from patients to understand the variance in diseases and suitably arrive at the cure.

Pharma companies access BioVariance’s complex algorithms to study bioinformatics and genomic data for therapeutic care. As the data analysis firm offers a cloud-based, highly-scalable analytics platform enabled with an intuitive web interface, the pharma companies can innovate personalized treatment with great ease and flexibility. Personalized treatment is crucial to reduce medication errors, pharmaceutical risks, medical side-effects, unsuccessful procedures, and deaths. Not only pharma companies can offer the right treatment but also save tremendously on time and resources.

BioVariance not only deduces the appropriate medication for patients but also supports preventive care. The company accelerates medical data analysis by utilizing publicly available metabolome, transcriptome, and genome data available in the multi-omics space. It feeds disease-specific therapeutic data into its machine learning engine consistently for accurate results.
With such an approach, doctors and other medical professionals can diagnose the disease quickly and efficiently. A case in point: BioVariance collaborated with a pharma company that wanted to predict the onset of a particular disease as early as possible using biomarkers. By aggregating data through the analysis of saliva or blood samples, BioVariance distinguished biomarker differences between affected patients and healthy people, enabling the client to predict the outbreak of diseases and take preventive measures accordingly.

BioVariance ensures that therapeutic procedures are improved to enhance medical treatment further. The company goes a step further in personalizing care through its Pillbox application for permanent monitoring and control of therapy. The application notifies patients to take medications at regular intervals as prescribed and increases the safety of therapeutic procedures through relevant ‘documentation aids’ that support the course of treatments.

Treading on the success of its personalized care and backed by a well-structured team of subject matter experts from software, data science, and clinical areas, BioVariance aspires to expand its global footprint. In the near future, the company can be expected to provide patients the access to precision medicine and relevant therapeutic processes. Since applying algorithms for therapeutic care is still unregulated, BioVariance aims to standardize its processes and make it available to pharma companies and physicians worldwide.