Stephan Tanda, the President, Chief Executive Officer and Member of Board of Directors, Aptar
Stephan Tanda, the President, Chief Executive Officer and Member of Board of DirectorsFor many years, Aptar has been one of the key players in the Life Science Packaging space through its Aptar CSP Technologies division. The reason being, that the company has been a leader in active material science solutions. It augment its leadership, Aptar CSP Technologies announced that its proprietary Activ-Film™ technology was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use within a recently launched Rechargeable Implantable Neurostimulator (INS) that treats urinary and bowel dysfunction. The Activ-Film™ material is integrated into the medical device to control humidity, improve the accuracy of readings, and extend use life. “It’s in our DNA – delivering solutions, shaping the future. Whether you need to deliver a game-changing molecule, a novel formulation, a repurposed generic or a brand extension, we want to be your partner of choice. Together we can work to help deliver better patient outcomes,” says Stephan Tanda, the President, Chief Executive Officer and Member of Aptar’s Board of Directors.

Stephan Tanda joined Aptar in February 2017 as President and CEO. Prior to joining Aptar, Stephan served as an Executive Managing Board Director at Royal DSM NV and oversaw its $ 6 billion global Nutrition business as well as its Pharma joint ventures and business interests in the Americas. Stephan has lived and worked in seven countries while working for DuPont, Freudenberg Nonwovens Group and DSM. Over his career, Stephan has focused on developing local and global talent, building sustainable businesses and organizations while successfully delivering increased shareholder value, sales and profits, both via organic growth and via some 15 acquisitions and joint ventures.

In addition to Aptar, Stephan serves on the board of Ingredion as an Independent Director and previously served on the boards of Patheon NV and Semperit AG.

Dedicated to Continued Material Science Innovation

Aptar CSP’s Activ-Film™ material leverages the company’s patented three-Phase Activ-Polymer™ platform technology to manage the device’s internal atmosphere, adsorbing moisture that could otherwise accumulate and affect the implant’s stability and performance. Controlling the humidity within the device protects the battery and enables it to have little to no degradation during its use life. “This is another example of our consistent commitment to helping customers bring advanced solutions to patients and improve user experiences and outcomes,” says Badre Hammond, Vice President Commercial Operations, Aptar CSP Technologies. “We are dedicated to continued material science innovation that facilitates the development and commercialization of next generation implantable medical devices.”

Activ-Film™ material is a configuration of Aptar CSP’s three-Phase Activ-Polymer™ technology.

Aptar : The Active Material Science Leaders

In addition to protecting a range of implantable medical devices, the highly-engineered technology is utilized in various formats for a broad array of applications, including oral solid dose drugs, drug delivery systems and probiotics. The material science technology can be customized to deliver integrated active solutions that adsorb moisture, scavenge oxygen, odor, or VOCs, emit aromas, or reduce pathogens.

Aptar CSP Technologies Activ-FilmTM materials enhance product stability in ways that are invisible to consumers and more efficient for manufacturers. The flexible materials are ideal for use in applications like foil pouches, stick packs and blister packs in industries such as Pharmaceutical, Diagnostic, Food, Electronics and Optics.

Competent Development and Manufacturing Expertise

Activ-FilmTM materials are available in configurations like rolls, die cut pieces and adhesive-backed labels. Film thickness typically ranges from 0.3 to 1.2 mm, though Aptar CSP can customize configurations to meet a wide range of size, shape, and packaging automation requirements. There are numerous options to integrate the films into your package. If being affixed to the enclosure is not required, the extruded films can be simply dropped into the container. Film can be affixed to an interior surface using adhesive, or heat staking to a compatible sealing layer of an enclosure using a combination of heat and pressure, a patented Aptar CSP process. “Our decades of device design, development and manufacturing expertise offer the broadest range of innovative drug delivery solutions to the Pharmaceutical industry. And our portfolio of value-added services can help you accelerate and derisk your drug product development process,” states Tanda.

Activ-FilmTM formulations can absorb a variety of gasses, including moisture, oxygen, and volatile organic compounds. Activ-FilmTM materials can also release gasses such as carbon dioxide (CO2) and chlorine dioxide (ClO2). Formulated for performance, Aptar CSP’s range of Activ-FilmTM materials can be tailored to meet specific requirements. Further, a number of Activ-FilmTM materials are specifically formulated to comply with U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Union guidelines for Food and Drug Contact.

The Ability to Control Small Molecule Transport

The Activ-FilmTM is supported by Aptar CSP Technologies’ three-phase Activ-PolymerTM.

Based on breakthrough science, Aptar CSP Technologies’ three-phase Activ-PolymerTM technology enables a new class of plastic compounds that can be engineered to meet a range of product stability needs. Aptar CSP desiccant materials technology can manipulate the kinetics of adsorption, absorption or release of gasses through formulation.

Activ-PolymerTM technology provides the ability to control small molecule transport through the polymer.

Our decades of device design, development and manufacturing expertise offer the broadest range of innovative drug delivery solutions

This enables Aptar CSP to engineer compounds with a variety of properties – from absorbing or emitting specific molecules to enabling electronic or ionic transport. The technology offers tremendous manufacturing flexibility. Products can be extruded, injection molded or blow molded to meet virtually any form factor requirement. The pathways created by the interaction of these constituents allow for the controlled movement of gasses into and out of the polymer. This enables us to engineer compounds that absorb or transmit gas molecules into the atmosphere of the package to help maintain an optimal environment.

Navigating through the COVID-19 Crisis

Aptar CSP has contributed heavily during the recent pandemic as well. The company announced its Activ-Film™ technology protects two new at-home COVID-19 tests that recently received Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The tests were developed by a leading manufacturer of diagnostic healthcare solutions and offer prescription and OTC (Over the Counter) COVID-19 at-home testing options without the need to visit a doctor’s office.

Aptar CSP Technologies‘ Activ- Film™ technology is integrated into the dipstick of the diagnostic kits to protect against moisture and other environmental conditions that could otherwise impact test accuracy. Activ- Film™ leverages Aptar’s proprietary 3-Phase Activ-Polymer™ platform technology, which provides a broad spectrum of customized and highly-engineered solutions in a variety of configurations, such as Activ-Vial™ for housing diagnostics strips and dipsticks, and Activ-Tab™, which is integrated within diagnostic cassettes. This material science-based active packaging technology currently protects a range of lateral flow, molecular, and electrochemical diagnostic test kits on the market today, including Quidel® Corporation’s QuickVue® Influenza and COVID-19 tests.

“As we continue to navigate through the COVID-19 crisis, this game-changing solution will help meet the urgent demand for COVID-19 testing in communities around the world,” mentions Badre Hammond, Vice President Commercial Operations, Aptar CSP Technologies. “We are committed to leveraging our material science expertise to enable our partners to meet the ongoing need for innovative healthcare solutions that help improve and save lives. This is another example of the value we bring to the market when sensitive diagnostic elements need protection.”
- Jeremy Williams
    June 01, 2021