Karen Obmaces, founder and President, Accurate Clinical Research, Incorporated
Karen Obmaces, founder and PresidentA rheumatologist by specialization, Dr. Philip Waller was at wit’s end to find new ways to treat his patients with auto-immune conditions such as lupus or ankylosing spondylitis. Without a proper system to bring clinical research programs to his practice, Dr Waller reached out to Karen Obmaces, a clinical research expert, to develop a plan to directly bring the latest available treatments and clinical trials to a medical facility. A few brainstorming sessions later, the duo started Accurate Clinical Research, Incorporated, a Site Management Organization (SMO) exclusively designed to provide a definitive path for rheumatological care. While rheumatic treatment was at the roots of ACR when it started in 2007, fast forward to 2022, and the SMO is now one of the largest diverse site network groups. “ACR has created a research site networking organization, partnering with physicians and pharmaceuticals to conduct clinical research studies,” expresses Karen Obmaces, founder and President of ACR.

ACR collaborates with many physicians to build a vast network of research sites that explore every treatment opportunity for patients. The SMO has currently ventured into other therapeutic areas that include cardiology, dermatology, GI, internal medicine, endocrinology, orthopedics, pediatrics, podiatry, Urology and Women’s health, while also maintaining a solid base of rheumatology-related disease studies.

As the quality of information and patient enrolment is critical to conducting clinical trials, ACR utilizes a proprietary CTMS platform that consists of an eSource and eRegulatory system. While most SMOs are still paper-backed, ACR’s approach to electronically storing patient information, audit data, and clinical trial results enables quicker project completion. As the SMO is in direct contact with the physicians, it empowers them to ensure that these professionals are well-trained on principal investigation clinical research in their practice. Physicians onboard the ACR clinical studies value chain are also assigned a team of Professional Coordinators who are well-versed in study project management, regulations, and other inert skills required to complete a clinical trial successfully.

Depending on the number of studies placed in the care of a physician, ACR can deploy up to 6 on-site coordinators to help run the clinical research operations smoothly. While these services are provided within the clinic, ACR, in covering every aspect of a clinical trial, also has nurtured experts for regulatory compliance, contract/budget and business development to foster better communication between physicians and pharmaceuticals.

Accurate Clinical Research Incorporated: Futuristic Solutions for Clinical Trial Site Management

The last piece of ACR’s SMO services is patient recruitment; for this purpose, the company has garnered a large base of retired physicians who collectively verify with the MD if a patient is the best suited to participate in a clinical trial program.

Once enrolled into a trial, test volunteers receive uniquely designed treatments to combat their illnesses. ACR has built a protective model to prevent incorrect data entry that averts a coordinator from filling in a field designated for exclusive medical practitioner entry, alongside similar functions. To ensure that GCP is deployed across all its locations, ACR uses third-party analytics software to review site data and understand the best possibilities and changes to building a great study experience for participants during a clinical research trial.

For an MD that had to delay their research midway due to a lack of resources, ACR was able to step in and save the project. By adding the right staff to the physician’s team, ACR could transfer all research information to its platform and then provide the data that was needed to the sponsors for the clinical research program. With active operations ongoing at the facility, the physician has offered knowledgeable data that will play a pivotal role in finding the next drug to treat rare diseases.

With prominent growth and an exemplary SMO services portfolio, ACR established a sister company called Accurate Clinical Management to expand its business and assist other SMOs in running back-office operations efficiently. “We have a partnering relationship with several different SMOs and have a monthly meeting to go over and track the progress of studies we are performing together,” says Karen. During the conference, stakeholders gather to ensure that GCPs are followed, contracts are turned around promptly, and regulatory norms are respected.
  • ACR has created a research site networking system, we partner with physicians, and pharmaceuticals contact us to conduct clinical research studies

In the future, ACR will strive to have representation by Recruiting Diverse Populations that are not represented within clinical trials. The SMO, in diversifying its physician partnerships, has already built a connection with a Hispanic clinic and wishes to create prosperous relationships with similar facilities while bringing clinical trial programs to otherwise underserved populations.

ACR has recently negotiated with Wellspire located in North Houston that encompasses various internal medical departments for coverage across more therapeutic areas. Usually working independently with one or two physicians, this partnership will be ACR’s first leap into a multicenter research facility.