Gregory Agle, Partner, Limitless Diagnostics
Gregory Agle, PartnerThe importance of quick turnaround times on lab test results cannot be overemphasized, especially in the context of genetic testing where sample outsourcing is a norm, whether it is to diagnose the disorder or check the metabolic response of a patient to a prescribed medication or therapy. Delay in test results often hinders the treatment process while also making it difficult for providers to identify the effectiveness of a prescribed medicine on a patient. Also, genetic test results can be complex and are often not a forte of a general practitioner.

Addressing these limitations is Limitless Diagnostics. Performing all cardiac, PGx, and cancer genomics testing, the company provides test results in a timely and comprehensible manner as it processes all the samples in-house instead of outsourcing them like other labs. Limitless Diagnostics also renders complex genetic data in easily digestible formats such that even general practitioners can interpret and understand the test results.

Established in 2019, Limitless Diagnostics primarily focuses on genetic testing and molecular diagnostics. Its offers custom test assays for genetic heart disorders, hereditary cancer, and metabolic response to commonly prescribed medications and nonprescription medicine. “We aim to enable affordable, personalized precision care through our proprietary suite of software applications that streamlines access to laboratory testing,” says Gregory Agle, Partner, Limitless Diagnostics.

By simplifying and streamlining test ordering, Limitless Diagnostics allows easy access to laboratory results for providers and patients. As soon as a sample reaches the lab, all the information related to the test is fed into their system.

Limitless Diagnostics: Leaders in Molecular Diagnostics and Genetic Testing

The company then initiates the sample processing as per the test type which begins with DNA extraction. The sample is processed through a DNA sequencer that identifies any mutations present within the sample.

The raw data obtained from the sequencer then goes through a data analysis pipeline. This not only allows identifying the mutations but also reveals how these mutations are affecting the patients. “At the end of the day, we deliver a comprehensive report in a straightforward way to doctors,” says John Hanson, Vice President of Customer Success, Limitless Diagnostics. Providers can log in to Limitless Diagnostics’ portal and check the status of the sample, which eliminates the headache of following up with the lab for test results.

We aim to enable affordable, personalized precision care through our proprietary suite of software applications that streamlines access to laboratory testing

What makes Limitless Diagnostics unique in the marketplace is its PGx panel that examines genetic variations. The company utilizes cutting-edge technology and the most current approaches to PGx testing. The enormous volume of data generated for each sample enables them to identify and resolve the specific genotype of a patient. This data further helps Limitless Diagnostics identify additional genotypes that can impact the metabolism of a drug simultaneously instead of redesigning an entire panel to recognize genotypes. As a result of the high-tech, high-end sequencing PGx panel, the company can explore every aspect of a patient's genetic material and how different genetic variations influence the patient's response to a medication. With these extensive and highly actionable insights, providers can make informed decisions regarding treatment regimens for their patients.

As a CLIA-certified clinical laboratory, Limitless Diagnostics remains flexible and adaptable to address healthcare providers' and patients' unique needs across the country by delivering actionable, precise, and personalized healthcare information. They partner with leading bioinformatics companies that share the same passion for personalized precision medicine to ensure the enhancement of its high-end software applications. As such, Limitless Diagnostics' ability to reduce barriers for providers to deliver quality care to patients makes it a leader in advancing precision medicine and patient outcomes.