Dr Rainer Lipp, MD, Co-founder and CEO, GermanOncology GmbH
Dr Rainer Lipp, MD, Co-founder and CEOEvery individual diagnosed with cancer needs optimal access to clinical and also genomic information on their disease’s unique characteristics so that they, together with their oncologist, can take the critical first step toward devising effective treatment plans. At this juncture, real-world data allows oncologists to identify patterns in clinical practice outside controlled trials, thereby expediting the cycle of cancer therapy research and analysis to improve decision-making. Consequently, in Germany, GermanOncology utilizes its extensive real-world database to assist physicians in developing effective treatment plans for patients through its analysis, consulting, project management, and IT development services.

To strengthen its existing real-world database and provide clients with actionable insights, GermanOncology relentlessly works on data research by collaborating with 25 oncological practices with substantial expertise in Germany. GermanOncology provides specific studies and analyses of its database to help oncologists gain insights into the number of patients on various treatment lines who have different tumours in terms of project management services. To optimize plannings of clinical projects the company provides exceptional pre-analytics and a high level of expertise in determining medical disciplines and settings relevant in treating various cancers.

Along with providing insightful data, GermanOncology implements an information platform that automatically analyses its database, enabling oncologists to see how other physicians have treated patients based on the different treatment lines. The organization continually examines the plausibility and accuracy of data in its database and provides actionable insights to pharmaceutical companies. “Pharmaceutical organizations demand high-quality data.

GermanOncology GmbH: Reliable and Instantaneous Data for Better Cancer Care

Collecting essential data and creating a project to sample such information in our database is our challenge and purpose,” states Dr Rainer Lipp, MD, Co-founder and CEO of GermanOncology.

GermanOncology uses continuous data sampling and longitudinal techniques and collaboration with a fixed network of over sixty oncologists in their own practices to sample accurate, real-time patient data. Unlike other firms that collected data of new patients quarterly, GermanOncology follows up on patients longitudinally and updates data of its database regularly to present actionable statistics that help patients, physicians and pharmaceutical companies understand treatment decisions better.

Currently, GermanOncology provides its services explicitly in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, but the organization is vying to expand its footprint in Europe’s big five countries. In the German landscape GermanOncology supports pharmaceutical companies in other domains by providing analytics, project management or training with the goal to tailor suitable solutions for every specific needs.

Pharmaceutical companies demand high-quality data. Collecting essential data and creating a project to sample such information in our database is our challenge and purpose

As a testament to its comprehensive services, its clientele includes ten of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the oncological space, such as Pfizer, Merck KGaA, AbbVie, Gilead or Janssen. It assists clients by providing detailed real-world data and other information relevant for standard care situations and further clinical research in Germany.

Well acquainted with regulations and working with ethical committees, GermanOncology has gained experience in swiftly implementing new projects for clients. To further its services, GermanOncology is providing the ONCOHELP® platform, a dashboard with analyses of real-world data to help oncologists determine treatments for patients swiftly and efficiently. All services provided by the company are reviewed by experienced oncologists who ensure that clients receive reliable and instantaneous information. With the extensive database of patient data, GermanOncology substantially assists oncologists and patients in their fight against cancer.